History of the guitars Prs (Orianthi)

Prs guitars

The brand of guitars designed by the great Paul Red Smith carries with it a part of his personal history. Today we want to tell you some curiosity about its designs and its well-known birds that fly free on its masts.

A couple of years ago we delved into some aspects of the Prs guitars that Orianthi Panagaris uses in most of his concerts. But in this content we only talk about technical details and its manufacture divided between the United States and Korea (mainly SE models). On this occasion we are going to discover the origin of one of its most representative symbols: the inlays of birds.

The fret number indicators on PRS signature guitars include moons on low-end guitars and birds on high-end guitars. These bird-shaped inlays depict nine or ten different birds on the appropriate frets. Well, these characteristic drawings have their origin in the childhood of their creator Paul Red Smith and the environment with which he grew up.

The mother of Paul Red Smith, creator of the brand and one of the most important luthiers in the world, was a passionate bird watcher and passed on her passion for the beautiful species of animals to Paul and his brothers, whom she often took to watch. all kinds of birds.

Years after “leaving the nest” of his home, in 1976, Paul Red Smith was making a guitar for guitarist Peter Frampton (Humble Pie). When it came time to embellish the fretboard, he decided to start his now famous custom of placing his row of birds with inlaid artwork. It was then that a legend was born, turned into a universal symbol.